Coordinate the activities and oversees the interests of all qualified and registered HR Professionals in Botswana.


develop your careers, advance the HR profession, avail HR support.



stay in touch with the latest industry developments,


grow the HR and management skills of fellow HR Professionals.
We aspire to regulate, develop and promote Human Resource Profession in Botswana through enhancing competence and capabilities of Human Resource Professionals whilst serving public interest.Opedi Manase

The purpose and objectives of this Society shall be to provide education, thought leadership, certification, community and advocacy to enhance the practice of human resources management and the effectiveness of HR professionals in the organizations and communities they serve. Hold examinations and prescribe tests of competency deemed appropriate to qualify for membership and certification and Advise the Examinations Board on matters relating to examination standards and policies;

Who we are

Why choose HRPSB

HR Society Botswana has been bringing together human resource Professional’s for more than 2 years. There are hundreds if not thousands of HR organizations, but what sets Human Resources Professional’s society- Botswana apart are the following

An organization that brings together topnotch HR Professional’s from all industries.

HRPSB’s culture is one that goes beyond simply networking and benchmarking; what brings HR Professionals to our Society is an interest in working collaboratively with their peers to develop positive solutions to the most difficult problems facing Everyday human resource work.

Weekly webinars on a variety of HR Related topics to ensure Continues Professional Development.

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What We

The Human Resources Professional’s Society- Botswana is the premier Regulator for Human resources Professional’s  representing the largest employers doing business in Botswana, Africa and the Globe.


The HRPSB Mentorship Programme facilitates a relationship in which experienced HR mentors from the public service, private sector and faith-based organisations (FBOs) share knowledge and experiences with mentees towards a mutually beneficial professional development relationship.

HR Standards and Audit

An HR Audit is an independent and objective report on the state of HR management processes and therefore indicate the organizational stability and sustainability from an HR perspective.

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